A Much Needed Update

Alright guys, now that is has been over one week since Jonathan did a semi-post, I thought I should make a real one!! Once again it's December, which means that are lives are very hectic with birthdays, Christmas parties and Christmas. Last weekend was the busiest we've had all year. It all started with caroling on Friday night with our church. It was pretty fun, except the fact that no one was home, so we did a lot of walking and getting cold. It was worth it in the end though, because once we got back to the church building there was a lot of cookies and cider.

Saturday was the craziest day. It started in the morning with the premiere of the film Dialtone, which was done by a Christian film group in our area. After that we had a Christmas party at Fort Nisqually for the A/I's. For those of you who are not familiar with Fort Nisqually, it is a living history fort, and A/I stands for apprentice interpreter, which is a program for high schoolers who volunteer and re-enact. The party was fun, we danced, ate pizza, and talked. From Fort Nisqually we all went to Fort Steilacoom who was having their candlelight Christmas tour. It was sweet! Everyone knew how to dance, so we didn't have to waste time learning the dances.

On Sunday we had our Christmas party. After our church services we had a banquet of prime rib and turkey with all the trimmings. During the meal we had a program for families to show their talents. Once we had everything cleaned up, we started dancing. The party was supposed to go until 6:00, but it started snowing pretty hard and everyone left around 4:00. It usually takes us about half an hour to get home, but to due to ice and traffic it took us a whole hour.

For pictures of the events and a more informed post, stay tuned to Sarah's blog!


Some Political Parodies

These following parodies are done by a fellow named Paul Shanklin. His spoofs are quite hilarious!


This following video is just audio. Don't worry if you can't see anything.