Islam: A Religion of Peace?

Hey Folks!

Here is an alarming video, courtesy of the sons of Ishmael, that drips with the "peaceful" religion of Islam. We are in Iraq and Afghanistan killing these people so they don't kill us. We need to stay there until the job is entirely done.

Our southern border needs to be secured, and more agents need to be present, authorized to use lethal force at any inclination of harmful behaviour or intentions.

We can find comfort when we hear the wicked rail against us, because we serve the One, True, Living God, who is in control. Let us not fall prey to fleshly fear but rest in His sovereign hand.

I cannot vouch that this is a straight across translation. However, the participation of the audience and the speaker's use of English words coincide with the subtitles. As a result, I am left to guess that what he is saying is the same as the subtitles.