Building a Computer

Our Dad's memorial service went very well. Thank you to all who attended. We have been overwhelmed at the support each of you have given us.

This past Saturday, Jonathan and I were invited to build a computer. Now as most of you know, we are not techies whatsoever, so this was going to be huge learning experience. Much to my surprise it was really easy, and was just like building an erector set. Now we can build a computer, but don't ask us to fix it. Here are some pictures of the process.

This is all the hardware that goes inside the computer. The monitor shows the computer working with all the pieces sitting on the desk.

This is the computer tower completely empty, waiting for the hardware to be installed.


Working some more.

The finished product!!!


Graydon L said...

nice... what are the specs?

David said...

I'm not exactly sure what the specs are. Like I said I am not a techie. Jonathan might know the answer though.

Sophia said...

Looks great!

Stephen Bittner said...


Kilted Fiddler said...

120GB hard drive, 2GB memory (I think), serious gaming video card, network card. Not all of the audio ports work though. The connecting wires from the motherboard to the individual ports are more sophisticated than the ports themselves. So, the computer has like 6 USB ports but only 2 work, our speakers aren't new enough for the computer so we are running on headphones! It's not a major problem though, the computer is solely a work computer. it was a good experience.